Housewifery Blows

My Housewifery Reality

  • filthy dirty kitchen floor
  • frankenstein herbs and dead flowers
  • sewing piles and a dusty machine
  • clean when only when I'm motivated to do so, which is never
  • blow my budget
  • ug, the dreaded dinner question
  • I can't find anything, ever
  • all my systems are half assed
  • too much take-out
  • Wake up late, scramble to get it all done

My Housewifery Goals

  • wake up earlier to get more done
  • cook more often for my freezer
  • you can never have enough systems
  • organize, organize, organize
  • Plan dinners out every week
  • A place for everything and everything in its place
  • Live on a budget (for real)
  • Clean and organize everyday (even if only for 15 min)
  • Get on the sewing train
  • Learn to garden well
  • keep my kitchen floor cleaner

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